Prevail Reinsurance Solution

Leading Edge Features

  • * State-of-the-art, Web-based Technology
  • * Automatic Contract Attachment and Calculation of Ceded Premiums and Losses
  • * Capable of Processing Complex Contract Types: QS, VQS, Surplus, XOL, Annual Aggregate Deductible, Loss Corridors, Stop Loss, Catastrophe, Aggregate Limit, Facultative
  • * User-defined Inuring Rules
  • * User-defined Rules for Calculating Loss Adjustment Expenses Paid and Reserves
  • * Automate the Retroactive Cession Adjustments with Audit Trail
  • * Comprehensive Multi-Currency Capabilities
  • * Comprehensive Business Partner Administration supporting Multiple Locations and Contacts (Cedants, Reinsurers, Brokers, MGA’s, Insurers, Retrocessionaires, Underwriting Agencies, and more)
  • * Support of Multiple Statutory Companies with Automated Intercompany Cession Functionality
  • * Robust Online Schedule F Processing and Management
  • * Comprehensive Statutory Management Reports and Inquiry including the ability to create ad-hoc reports and extractions to Excel and PDF
  • * Collaterals Management and “Funds Held” Management
  • * Aggregation by User Define Criteria for Underwriting Rules (Zones, Business Type, Territory)
  • * Full or Partial Cash Application at multiple levels of detail with Balance “Drill-down” inquiry
  • * Detailed capture, storage and viewing of all Transactional Data
  • * Organizational Group and User-level Security
  • * PRS Cession Web Service for XML exchanges of real-time-calculated ceded results for direct premiums and losses between PRS and external systems including Underwriting Rules verification
  • * Support Tools: Document Management, Task Management, Email Management


At Prevail, we believe that a key to success in our engagements is our ability to understand the goals and expectations of our customers.

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