Leading Edge Features

State-of-the-art, Web-based Technology

Automatic Contract Attachment and Calculation of Ceded Premiums and Losses

Capable of Processing Complex Contract Types: QS, VQS, Surplus, XOL, Annual Aggregate Deductible, Loss Corridors, Stop Loss, Catastrophe, Aggregate Limit, Facultative

User-defined Inuring Rules

User-defined Rules for Calculating Loss Adjustment Expenses Paid and Reserves

Automate the Retroactive Cession Adjustments with Audit Trail

Comprehensive Business Partner Administration supporting Multiple Locations and Contacts (Cedants, Reinsurers, Brokers, MGA’s, Insurers, Retrocessionaires, Underwriting Agencies, and more)

Support of Multiple Statutory Companies with Automated Intercompany Cession Functionality

Robust Online Schedule F Processing and Management

Comprehensive Statutory Management Reports and Inquiry including the ability to create ad-hoc reports and extractions to Excel and PDF

Collaterals Management and “Funds Held” Management

Aggregation by User Define Criteria for Underwriting Rules (Zones, Business Type, Territory)

Full or Partial Cash Application at multiple levels of detail with Balance “Drill-down” inquiry

Detailed capture, storage and viewing of all Transactional Data

Organizational Group and User-level Security

PRS Cession Web Service for XML exchanges of real-time-calculated ceded results for direct premiums and losses between PRS and external systems including Underwriting Rules verification

Support Tools: Document Management, Task Management, Email Management

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